September 21, 2023

Hello, Friends welcome to our blog today we are talking about Termux.

  • 1) What Termux is?
  • 2) and How to Download The Latest version of Termux.

What is Termux.

So Termux is a terminal emulator that gives us a command line interface in our Android mobile and it works in a minimum 7.0 Android version since November 2020, Google playstore has refused to accept updates From Termux so there can be a question in your mind where to download the latest version of Termux.

How to download the latest version of Termux.

Downloading the latest version of Termux is very easy you just follow up on my steps.

step one open you favorite browser and search for Termux GitHub.

and you will be see download git hub link

click on this link

you will be see this link and scrol down to releases

just click on latest version and you will be see latest version of Termux .

this second link is termux latest version click on this link to download the latest version of termux and after downloading open your termux.

Congratulation you have successfully installed Termux latest version in your android mobile and Enjoy your hacking.

Disclaimer: just use this terminal emulator for ethical purpose and dont use it to damage someone data.

Happy Hacking!

and you can watch this video for step by step guide

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